Riviera Maya,

Riviera Maya is enchanting.
Hop into your next adventure and discover its endless beauty.

Mexico beach

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We all have different visions in mind when we travel. With that in mind, we have curated unique experiences with the help of our local hosts that can excite even the most difficult travel tastes (or so we hope).

But that’s not all we do. Our instaHop app will not only match you with the best experiences based on your interests, it will also match you with the best local host that shares the same values.

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tips on traveling in mexico

Restroom Doors Marked With an “M” Are For the Ladies:
The Spanish word for women is “mujeres.”

tips icon 1

You will receive a paper slip upon entering Mexico:
Do not lose this slip. You have to hand in this tiny
immigration slip as you are leaving the country.

Go beyond the beach resorts:
Don’t just stick to highly touristic coastal areas. Riviera Maya has
so much to offer. That is why we are here. Our local hosts can
guide you through all the amazingness that is Riviera Maya.

tips icon 2

Pay with Pesos:
The official currency of Mexico is Pesos and while many hotels
and beach resorts accept USD, when you go out and about,
it is always best to pay with Pesos.

LeafLeafevent calendar in mexico

January 6
Three Kings Day
Three Kings Day icon
February 2
Candlemas icon
February 5
Mexican Constitution Day
Mexican Constitution Day icon
February 20
Mexican Flag Day
Mexican Flag Day icon
March 18
The Day of the Oil Nationalization
The Day of the Oil Nationalization icon
Easter holidays
Between March 25 and April 25
Between March 25 and April 25 icon
May 1
Labour Day (Holiday)
Labour Day (Holiday) icon
May 10
Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day icon
Second Sunday of June
Father’s day
Father’s day icon
Summer Break
Summer Break icon
September 16
Independence Day Holiday
Independence Day Holiday icon
November 1-2
The Day of the Dead
The Day of the Dead icon
November 20
Mexican Revolution Day (Occasional Holiday)
Mexican Revolution Day (Occasional Holiday) icon
December 12
Our Lady of Guadalupe Day
Our Lady of Guadalupe Day icon
December 16-21
Posadas Decembrinas
Posadas Decembrinas icon
December 24
Christmas Eve
[object Object] icon
December 25
Christmas Day (Navidad)
Christmas Day (Navidad) icon
December 28
Day of the Saint Innocents
Day of the Saint Innocents icon

Fun facts about Mexico

Riviera Maya is relatively new to the tourism block. If you visited the area in 1950’s, you wouldn’t have found this development

Pok-ta-pok: In ancient times, the Mayans created a sacred ball game similar to basketball called ‘Pok-ta-pok’. Games were played in a large stone amphitheater as a religious ritual and the object of the games were to knock a rubber ball through a stone ring, using only the hips, knees, and elbows.

This was a game where a player could definitely ‘lose his head’ over, because it was the winning team who was routinely sacrificed to the gods.

By the way, football is the main sport in Mexico. Baseball is also a big sport in the country, and is the main sport in the Yucatan península.

Lucha libre is not the main sport in México, but it is one of the best acknowledged sports from México internationally.



With the shadow of the pandemic looming over our heads for the past year,
it is important to be up to date about Covid-19 situation in each region.

To learn more about the latest news on Covid-19 in Mexico,
please visit the official WHO page: